Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is the after life like this?

When coming within about 10 feet of "the door" it reveals it self to you, and you are amazed. you step inside and there he is its him, the one you've been looking for he stands back disillusioned trying to comprehend how this could happen, there is a silence for many minutes. say to him, hi....he says back almost without feeling, as though he is trying to distance himself.Welcome to my home...he says, where have you say, here he says. you look around you see the most comfortable and beautiful house you have ever stare back at him, what is ask,the after life...he says,heaven or hell? say, neither....he says, it has its own special place, for...special situations...he says, do you even recognize me? say, yes...he says. You look out side and see you friend struggling with one of the creatures, the other one prowling outside "the door" your friend finally gets flipped on his back and gets pinned down as the creature starts sinking his head through what seems like a portal in your friends chest your friend is now rithing with pain as he is helpless. My friend is in trouble! shout to him

you jump out side to get some emotion out of him he goes outside to save you proving he still cares he then somehow manages to save your friend bringing him inside too you all then sit down with a new found admiration for him

you walk over to a giant window on the wall and ask him about it he says this is my window to the world i was allowed to break a very big rule back there usually i am not to step foot outside this sanctum this is where i watch the world pass by i can go anywhere i want...anywhere whether its too samall for the house or not whether its on earth or not i can feel the breeze through the window i can hear people talk, yell, sing,yeah all the good allows me so much yet it keeps me from so much. you then say the breeze is nice he says yes i dont even have to turn on the air conditioner when its this cool he then chuckles(just showing that something so trival as not wanting to turn on the airconditioning can follow us)


  1. depressing stuff man, but deep

  2. I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep tonight now. Just kidding, but quite eerie. Kind of frightening with all the imagery.

  3. interesting perspective you have here. new follower