Monday, February 7, 2011

well again...

Well again it comes, again it shuns, again it leaves, again it runs Away from everything it sees, away from all its dirty deeds. It comes across what is thought as rare, only to realize that it isnt there. Whatever it has seen come and go, its face it truely will not show. Across...across my mind it....corrupts. Defenceless thoughts shot... they never even had a chance. Have you ever asked the question...Do I exsist? Could I be? Did you know that just by simply asking that question you continue to? All these words  I can not see, shifting aroud trying to bleed. Well I can tell you one thing for sure Count on which you can not count on. For when you truley see the world around you, expect somthing to block your view. Hearts beating, cant control. Shouting now but its too cold. I give myself time to breathe, counting on which i can not see. Still reluctant stubborn as ever, hard to believe its getting better. Still I wonder why Ive said, drifting now its time for bed.